Chicks Away

St Augustine's say goodbye to the chicksAfter 2 very special weeks in school when the eggs hatched, and 5 chicks grew and thrived it was time to say goodbye. The chicks were taken to live on a farm in a safe environment with the freedom to run around and enjoy life. Before the chicks left they visited each class giving everybody the opportunity of holding the chicks themselves. With some tears in our eyes and fond memories we waved the chicks off to their new lives in the Yorkshire countryside.

CAFOD Assembly

On Monday 16th May, we were very lucky to have Mr Scully from CAFOD (The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) come to St Augustine’s. He led the assembly which was about making friends through sports and games. This teaches the children how to be more confident, gain skills and enjoy playing together. CAFOD also runs a ‘Peace for Sport Project’ in other countries in violence and conflict, which help the children to work and play together from all faiths in their community.

The children heard about new sports being introduced for the Rio 2016 Olympics like golf. Some of the year 5 children led the game ‘Guess the sport’. They had to mime the actions for some Olympic sports and did a great job as the rest of the school was able to work out the correct answers. As part of the assembly the children also heard about what it is like for a child to live in Brazil and how CAFOD help the children learn how to play many different sports especially football.

CAFOD Assembly   CAFOD Assembly   CAFOD Assembly