The children have been celebrating Pentecost decorating the altars with red, orange, and yellow paper flames and wrapped boxes to symbolise the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The children have been reflecting on the meaning of the gifts in their lives and how to use the gifts to make a difference.


Nursery Places for September 2018

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From September 2018 we are offering Nursery places for 15 and 30 hours a week.

Parents of 3 & 4 year old children may be able to access 30 hours free childcare for 38 weeks of the year.

To qualify you have to: – be a parent who is working of a 3 or 4 year old – earn, on average, at least £120 per week (or £113 if you’re under 25) – your total taxable income has to be less than £100,000 per year

To find out further information and if you might qualify you will find these websites of interest:

Contact the school office for more information or email

Solemn Liturgical Dance

The school ended the Spring Term with the Solemn Liturgical Dance beautifully and reverentially performed by Year 6. They told us through readings from the bible, in song, prayer and dance, the story of The Passion of Christ. The scene was set in in the Garden of Gethsemane and included the crucifixion of Jesus and ended with the victory of Christ over death. The Passion is a story about injustice, doubt, fear, pain and ultimately, degrading death. It tells how God experienced these things in the same way as ordinary human beings.

Year 6 Liturgical Dance

Infant Liturgy – The Palm Sunday Gospel

The children from Nursery – Year 2 re-enacted The Palm Sunday Gospel through drama and hymns. This was a very special Liturgy beautifully prepared by the children and served as a reminder of the importance of Easter to our Catholic Faith. The hymns also reminded us of the quote attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo: “They who sing pray twice”.

Easter Cards

Easter Cards– we had an incredible number of fantastic Easter Cards designed by the children. The cards were a ray of colour, cut-outs and drawings. Children throughout the school had the opportunity to view, discuss and marvel at the displays. The winners each received a delicious Easter Egg.

World Book Day

World Book Day helped to celebrate our love of reading at St Augustine’s.  One of the highlights was the children and staff wearing costumes they had designed and made based on their favourite book character. Staff and children made a big effort – the range of books and genres covered was amazing. Well done to the winners who received books and certificates. There was a very popular Book Character Hunt to find characters who had escaped from their books and ‘Shelfies’ where you had to guess which book shelf belonged to which member of staff. World Book Day was an excellent chance to celebrate reading in our school.
REMEMBER  to use your World Book Day token to claim your free book or to get £1 off any book.​

Silver Cross Day

Silver Cross Day brought us together as a school community to pray for all children throughout the world and to remember the importance of Christ in our lives, especially during Lent. Children placed coins on the silver cross to raise money for our charity, Catholic Children’s Society.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Reception children have had a great time celebrating the Chinese New Year. The children have been making lanterns, mini dragons, and working together to make a wonderful big dragon. They took the dragon they had made for a dance around the playground, banging their drums and clashing their cymbals. The children discovered lots of different vegetables and enjoyed chopping them up to make a beautiful Chinese noodle soup. Everyone tried the soup and some children had seconds, and even third helpings. Happy New Year – or, as they say in China, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Preparing Chinese Soup  Enjoying the soup  Our Chinese Dragon

School Councillors visits the Mayor

The Y5 & Y6 school councillors had a fantastic opportunity to meet the Mayor of Lewisham , Sir Steve Bullock. They began their morning with a quiz about the borough of Lewisham and its councillors, met the Young Mayor Laurelle Henry and her team and bravely spoke, in front of other schools, what they would do if they were Mayors. The four forthright, confident representatives of our school raised issues about parking near our school; the possibility of extending the yellow lines; the safety of children in the community; future options for extra-curricular and cultural education for the young, especially during the holidays. The morning climaxed with the arrival of the Mayor, who patiently answered the questions of all present school councillors, talked about his youth and ambitions, the time when he was knighted and gave us valuable and wise advice to bring back and share with each other. What an amazing experience and lifelong memory!

School Councillors visits Mayor

Knights of St Columba Nativity Competition

competition winners

Year 6 have been taking part in the Knights of St Columba annual art Competition since they were in Year 2. Over the years, many children have been successful and we are delighted that this year not only to have won first prize, but second and third prizes as well in the local competition. Their artwork will now go forward to the national level.

Well done Llywella, Rebecca and Suvetha.