Visits to the big school

As part of the children’s transition into Reception class, we have been making regular visits to the main school.

DSC03821 DSC03843DSC03870

The children had the opportunity to meet the cook and kitchen staff and try out collecting their knives and forks, and balancing their trays.  They took their ‘pretend’ lunches to the special lunchtime tables and chairs. They can’t wait to try the dinners!

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The children have also made visits to the Reception classroom where they have met their new teacher and had the opportunity to try out some new activities. Once a week, the children join in with morning playtime in the main school playground and some of them enjoy playing with their older siblings.  On Wednesday, the children took part in the Hands Liturgy.  They sat well throughout the Liturgy and happily joined in with the songs.


They are looking forward to joining the big school.

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Teddy Bears Picnic

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If you went down to Beckenham Place Park last Friday 7th July, you were in for a big surprise.  The Nursery children, their parents and lots of teddies had come together for a special picnic to celebrate the end of the school year.  It was a very hot morning and the children were delighted to cool off in the water fountains at the park.  They also played on the swings, climbing frames and roundabouts.  It was great fun for everybody and we all cooled off with an ice lolly.  Thank you parents, grandparents and carers for coming along to join us.

DSC03953 DSC03956 DSC03958



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Number Hunt

Nursery went on a Number Hunt around the school.  We went to the big playground, visited the  office, Year 5, Year 2 and went upstairs to Mrs Jarvis office.  We found lots of numbers everywhere!  Then we matched up the small Numicon with the giant Numicon.  What a busy morning.

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First Week at Nursery

Look what we did in our first week at Nursery!

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Nursery sponsored walk 2016 and Minibeast Hunt

Last Tuesday the Nursery children and many parents and helpers headed for the woods at Beckenham Place Park.  It was dark in the woods and there was a great selection of little bugs and minibeasts waiting to be found.  The children used sticks to dig away under the leaves and we turned the logs to see what we could find.  There were lots of woodlice, several worms, spiders, bees and ants. We even found some centipedes and millipedes.  A treasure of minibeasts.  We were careful to replace the logs and leave the creatures where we found them.

This was also our sponsored walk and we braved the very many golfballs to walk around the park.  It was quite tiring but we all enjoyed a rest at the end.

Thank you to everyone who took part, helping us raise £305 for new resources!


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Pirates Ahoy!

Ahoy there me hearties!  There has been a motley crew of pirates in the Nursery.  We have had fun singing pirate songs, dressing up, listening to pirate stories and talking like pirates.  We have made treasure maps, and a pirate ship and some of us even walked the plank.  Here are a few photographs.  We also have a display in the Nursery if you would like to pop in to see it.


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Spring Walk 2016

The Nursery children very much enjoyed our Spring walk to Beckenham Place Park.  We were looking for new growth and found many changes since our last trip in the Autumn.  The park was full of wonderful spring colours.  The blossoms and bluebells were glorious.  What a wonderful time we all had tiptoeing through the tall spring flowers, finding dandelion ‘clocks’ and blowing away the seeds and rolling down the freshly mowed hills.  Thank you parents for joining us.

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Nursery Visit to Catford Library

Thank you so much to all the parents and adult helpers who came with us to Catford Library.  The children very much enjoyed travelling by bus and sitting upstairs.  They were full of excitement looking out the windows and pointing to shops they knew.  Some even saw their houses.

The library was great fun.  Nick, the Librarian explained how the library worked and how easy it is to join.  He then read us some stories and the children had a chance to stamp their own books that they are borrowing for the Easter holidays.  Every child chose a book and some chose books for the children who were unable to join us.

When we returned to Nursery we set up our own library.  Here are some photos of our trip.


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Book Day in the Nursery

This week we celebrated World Book Day.  The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters.  Their teacher was also very happy as the children had made her caterpillar costume.  Visitors came to read to us – Mrs Maat came from the big school and  read some books we have not heard before and a very generous parent came and read some books in French to our French speaking children.  We had a lovely day.

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The Nursery children celebrate the Year of the Monkey

The Nursery children had a wonderful time celebrating the Year of the Monkey.  We made dragons, kites, Chinese lanterns, Chinese fans and Chinese red money envelopes.  We had our own Chinese restaurant – “The Little Dragon” – and we enjoyed playing with real noodles.  We did some Chinese writing and we had fun chopping vegetables and making our own noodle soup, which most of us thought was delicious!  We played Chinese music and danced together.  Finally, after practising throughout the week, we took our dragons on a dance through the main school.  What a lovely week we had.  GUNG HAY FAT CHOY – Wishing you all peace and happiness in the Year of the Monkey – from us all in the Nursery.


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Nursery Christmas Stay and Play

The Nursery children and their parents had fun at our Christmas Stay and Play.  We decorated biscuits and made lots of Christmas decorations to take home.  The children had made their own table covers for the occasion and decorated the Nursery.  We had also made Christmas biscuits which everyone enjoyed.  Thank you for coming and spending the morning playing with us.  Have a look at our photos.


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