PE in Year 1

The children have been doing gymnastics as part of PE this term. We got out the equipment in the hall and used all the skills the children had been learning. They have been finding different ways to climb, move and balance.  With adult support the children were using the bar and ropes.

Writing and performing plays

Class 4  have been turning scenes from our favourite book Varjak Paw into playscripts,  which they performed to each other and at our class assembly. The children looked at Key Features of a Playscript

*No speech marks are used

*Stage directions (actions) are in brackets/italics

*Paragraph to set the scene

*No need to use ‘he said/she said’

*Characters’ names are written on the left hand side

*Start a new line each time a character speaks

and used these in their plays.

Now we are working on a non fiction unit on  report writing. Of course we are writing our reports on Russian Blue cats!

Writing and Performing Plays

Margaret Mizen comes to visit

We were delighted to welcome our old friend Margaret back to school . After telling Jimmy’s story in assembly she joined us for a question and answer session and was amazed at the maturity and depth of the children’s comments and questions. She reminded us to stay calm and not get involved in bother. She said we must always think of the consequences of our actions and reminded us that the best thing to do is simply ‘be nice to each other’.

Margaret Mizen visits Year 4

Looking for Russian Blues

Mrs Jarvis received a letter from the Society for the Protection of rare Cats stating that a rare Russian Blue cat had been seen in Beckenham Place Park and asking if he children had information on them.

As we have been working on our text Varjak Paw, Mrs Jarvis thought that year 4 might know something. As soon as we heard the news we went straight to the Park to look. We didn’t actually see a Russian Blue but we definitely found evidence ! We have made posters asking others to look out for them. Mrs Gallagher reported that she had seen one by the trolleys in Lidls and Mrs Baker saw one in the park that hissed at her! Have a look at the posters around the school for more information.
Click here to read the letter
Can you spot a cat?   Is that a cat in the distance?   The Contessa's house

States of Matter

We have been studying ‘States of Matter’  as our science topic. We were observing that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled and had fun investigating water in different forms and made a giant ice cube. It was so big that Jaynai had to take it home for the weekend to see how long it took to melt!

Ice cube   Ice cube   Ice cube

Book Day in the Nursery

This week we celebrated World Book Day.  The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters.  Their teacher was also very happy as the children had made her caterpillar costume.  Visitors came to read to us – Mrs Maat came from the big school and  read some books we have not heard before and a very generous parent came and read some books in French to our French speaking children.  We had a lovely day.

Horton Kirby

January 27th was a particularly wet day but this did not dampen the spirits of a very excited reception class who went on their first trip to Horton Kirby.  The children looked at seasonal change, made their own clay hedgehog and built homes for country critters out of leaves and sticks. The children were particularly fascinated by the stuffed animals. Fun was had by all!

We Read Wednesdays!

This term the reception class have opened their doors to their parents every Wednesday morning. Parents have been invited to come and share a book or listen to their child read.  It has been a huge success and each week a number of parents attend.  The children really are enjoying the experience whilst getting extra reading practice.


We Read Wednesdays!

Busy readers!

We Read Wednesdays!

All members of the family enjoy a story!

We Read Wednesdays!

We Read Wednesdays!

We Read Wednesdays!

Very focused reading!

We Read Wednesdays!

Happy Readers!