Downham at 90 Exhibition at St John’s Church

Year 4 spent an interesting morning at the Downham at 90 exhibition held at St John’s Church, learning interesting facts about the history of our local area such as 100 years ago the whole area used to be farm land, and  Lord Forster gave some of his land to the community [Forster Park] in memory of his 2 sons who both died in the first World War . The tram that went through Southend village was the number 54  [just like the bus that now stops just by our church]. Agata wishes we could have beds in our class so we can have a nap during the day just like the children in a photo taken  90 years ago!

What a surprise to see a very young Mrs Donnelly in a photo!

We also looked around the beautiful church and noticed similarities and differences to St Augustine’s church. Tsvetina said the outside of the church looked good but the inside was very, very good.

Thank you to Sue at St John’s for making us so welcome.



Spring Walk 2016

The Nursery children very much enjoyed our Spring walk to Beckenham Place Park.  We were looking for new growth and found many changes since our last trip in the Autumn.  The park was full of wonderful spring colours.  The blossoms and bluebells were glorious.  What a wonderful time we all had tiptoeing through the tall spring flowers, finding dandelion ‘clocks’ and blowing away the seeds and rolling down the freshly mowed hills.  Thank you parents for joining us.