Nursery sponsored walk 2016 and Minibeast Hunt

Last Tuesday the Nursery children and many parents and helpers headed for the woods at Beckenham Place Park.  It was dark in the woods and there was a great selection of little bugs and minibeasts waiting to be found.  The children used sticks to dig away under the leaves and we turned the logs to see what we could find.  There were lots of woodlice, several worms, spiders, bees and ants. We even found some centipedes and millipedes.  A treasure of minibeasts.  We were careful to replace the logs and leave the creatures where we found them.

This was also our sponsored walk and we braved the very many golfballs to walk around the park.  It was quite tiring but we all enjoyed a rest at the end.

Thank you to everyone who took part, helping us raise £305 for new resources!


Healthy Dips

Year 2 made healthy dips and crudites as part of our Food topic.

After the making, came the eating ….


Year 2 have enjoyed tasting different fruit and vegetables as part of their Food topic.   The children designed and made their own healthy salads.  There were some interesting combinations but very yummy!


In Primary Pioneers, we do a lot of teamwork, for example ‘Leap Frog’ game and obstacle courses. It helps us focus on our team work so that we learn to co-operate and listen to others as well as taking turns. Teamwork helps us in becoming more confident in ourselves too.


Primary Pioneers

We have been focusing on teamwork. What we did was to have a treasure hunt where we had to answer questions in order to move on and find the treasure. We were paired with a partner, which meant that we had to work together. After that, we went to the park to make a shelter in our small groups. In order to do that, we had to work as a team to get it right.



In Primary Pioneers we learnt about Map reading. We learnt about maps and how to use them. We got into groups of 4 and our teachers Glenn and Duncan gave us names of places we needed to find on the map. It was really helpful and educational.


Primary Pioneers Primary Pioneers






In the Primary Pioneers program, we learnt about Map reading, and after all our trainings, we will go on an excursion. That will test our map reading skills. Glenn and Duncan (our teachers) have been a real help to us because they taught us how to read and use a map. We also learnt about the different meaning on the ‘Norths’, like Grid North, Magnetic North and True North.



With the Primary Pioneers we have been learning about First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). We have been learning about how to put people in the Recovery Position and clearing any danger from around the injured person. We learnt that if the casualties are unconscious, we need to put them in the recovery position and check if their airways are open. If not we need to start doing CPR on them.


In Primary Pioneers, we learnt about First Aid. We were taught how to save a person’s life if someone was unconscious and if they stopped breathing. We know now how to put someone in the recovery position and do CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) on an injured person if needed.


Royal Festival Hall

Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Royal Festival Hall to listen to The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s BrightSparks concerts which offered the opportunity for school students to experience an orchestral concert live. PHONEYS, FAKES AND FIBBERS was the LPO specially designed KS2 concert where the children met Prokofiev’s mysterious Lieutenant Kijé amid the icy frozen landscape of Russia in winter, and then travelled to the blisteringly hot Sahara desert with the mischievous Peer Gynt by Grieg… Or will they? Nothing was quite as it seemed in this concert of misleading characters, which also included Rachel Leach’s fantastical song The Troll, which had all the children from many schools joining in. Afterwards the children walked along the River Thames to St Paul’s admiring and learning all about the different sites.


Year 4 at Crofton Roman Villa

Year 4 spent an interesting afternoon at Crofton Roman Villa, consolidating our learning of this terms’ history topic. After learning about the villa and how it was discovered, we made mosaics and completed brass rubbings of Roman soldiers. After that we looked at original Roman artefacts as evidence to work out what life was like in Roman Britain. We found out that Roman Britains had pet cats and dogs, and they kept oxen, sheep, goats and pigs on their farms. Children were sent out to catch mice which were then killed, stuffed with honey and cooked, then eaten as snacks! Children dressed up in a range of Roman costumes and servants served wine to a rich Roman lady. Finally we handled a range of objects and worked out what they they had been  used for 2000 years ago.

All too soon it was time to catch the train back to school and home. Many thanks to the parents who accompanied us.

Year 6 Trip to Hindleap Warren

Year 6 had a week like no other. Most of the class went on their school journey to Hindleap Warren. The school journey gave the children an opportunity to work together in different situations, and test themselves in ways that they had not previously experienced. The activities included; forest adventure, zip wire, canoeing, crate stacking, navigational games, shelter building and many others. It was a wonderful and exhausting week. Our thanks must go to Miss Darby and Mrs Baker for ensuring such a successful week. The children who stayed behind also had an action packed week visiting Tate Modern, swimming for 2+ hours, cooking and enjoying an art and craft day.