Reception Autumn walk to Beckenham Place Park

The weather was marvellous.  The forecast said that rain was likely but the sun fought its way through the clouds as we ventured into the woods.  We had a great time finding leaves of all shapes and sizes.  We compared them to the leaves on our chart and discovered what tree they came from.  We were surrounded by the beautiful colours of Autumn – every shade of yellow, orange, brown and red.  The children had a great time collecting leaves, sticks and bark. Thank you parents for coming along with us.  Thank you Mrs Jarvis for coming with us too.


Downham War Memorial

Year 2 visited  the Downham War Memorial as part of their History studies of the Local Area .  They reflected on the contribution made by the local community in war .  The children were interested in the wreaths left by different groups of the community on Remembrance Sunday.

IMG_0340 IMG_0342

Year 6 Horniman Museum visit

In history Year 6 have been learning about Benin as their non-European study. One of the lessons involved visiting the Horniman Museum to take part in a workshop which supported the work done in class. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit where they learnt about the culture, beliefs and achievements of this ancient African kingdom. During the workshop the children listened to stories and handled replica brass artifacts made especially for the Museum in modern day Benin. A great day!

Y5 robot invasion…

As part of our study of Science Fiction, several children in year 5 chose to make a robot at home. They made these charming characters using only household items such as bottle tops, foil and cereal boxes. “Don’t worry – they all have a self-destruct button… just in case they get out of control!” one of the robot makers has assured us. Well done to all who had a go!

Y3 Trip to Horton Kirby

Y3 have had a fantastic day at Horton Kirby on Wednesday. The children discovered what life was like for people during the Stone Age in Britain: they took part in an archaeological dig to discover what tools people used, turned themselves into a stone age tribe and used authentic weapons to recreate a hunt and experienced the difficulties of cave painting with natural materials in Horton Kirby’s own cave.  At the end of the day they even had a go lighting a fire using some flint stones!

A great time was had by all children, parent helpers and teachers.

The effects of exercise …

As part of our Science unit, Animals Including Humans, Year 2 investigated the effects of exercise on their bodies.  After a period of rest, children observed the state of their heart, breathing and skin.  Then they exercised and observed the changes in their bodies.


Resting ExerciseHB HB 3 HB 2