Preparing for Chinese New Year

Reception have been getting ready for Chinese New Year. The children practised their finger motor skills by using chopsticks and tweezers to pick up rice as well as making paper lanterns. They have also been drawing Chinese zodiac animals and copying Chinese Characters.

People who help us

People who help us has been a very interesting topic. The children have enjoyed finding out about people in the community, who help us as well as learning the names of the adults in the school. The role play area (a school) has proved very popular!


Our topic in Science this term is Rocks and soils. The children have learnt about the different kind of rocks and the never-stopping rock cycle and to understand this even better we made sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks out of dark and milk chocolate. First they  layered dark and milk chocolate ‘sediments’ to make sedimentary rocks, then applied heat and pressure of their fingertips to turn them to metamorphic rocks and at the end they  put their ‘rocks’ into hot lava (boiling water) to form igneous rocks.

In Geography Y3 has been learning about volcanoes and how they work.  To consolidate our learning we have recreated the diagram of a volcano in our computing lesson using the 2PaintaPicture programme.  We had lots of fun experimenting with the different tools.