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Year 5 at Bonus PastorYear 5 have been going to Bonus Pastor every Wednesday afternoon to take part in a Design and Technology. The students were exposed to a wide range of resistant materials tools and equipment.

The children used a program called 2D Design which is an industry wide recognised software program. 2D Design V2 offered the children the opportunity for combining vector drawing with text, bitmaps, photographs or clip-art to create stunning graphic products. Comprehensive editing tools allowed any image to be clipped to size and shape; bitmap images could be converted into a vector drawing. The optionsYear 5 at Bonus Pastor were endless –The children had to design their own book mark which was then sent to a laser printed to etched on a book mark. The results were fantastic and intricate.

The children also made a pencil box from wood –the tools ranged from basic hand tools, ruler, try square, Tenon saw, bench hook, clamps, to industrial equipment, the band facer, pillar drill and scroll saws. Each student was individually and closely monitored when using the industrial equipment as well as being supported when using the hand tools, each pupil successfully used all the mentioned tools and in many cases showed an aptitude beyond their years.
Year 5 Bonus Pastor  Year 5 Bonus Pastor  Year 5 Bonus Pastor

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