Finding Shapes Around Us

This week the children have been learning about shape.  They have made pictures and models using 2D and 3D shapes.  On Thursday 21st September, we went on a shape hunt.  We found shapes all around us.

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Settling in at Big School

The children have had a marvellous couple of weeks.  They have been getting to know each other, making friends and exploring their new learning environment.  Here are some photos.

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Searching for Minibeasts in Horton Kirby

The children had a marvellous time when they visited Horton Kirby to search for minibeasts.  It was very exciting getting on the coach with our packed lunches.  When the children arrived they were told all about the minibeasts, where they were likely to find them and how they could collect them safely and then release them.  It was wonderful to learn so much about their habitats and habits.  The children then enjoyed visiting the “smelly garden” which was full of wonderful herbs and lavender.  Afterwards, the children enjoyed playing the bee game in the flower garden, where they went from flower to flower collecting nectar.  It was great fun and the children were tired when they got back on the coach for our return journey back to school.

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Preparing for Chinese New Year

Reception have been getting ready for Chinese New Year. The children practised their finger motor skills by using chopsticks and tweezers to pick up rice as well as making paper lanterns. They have also been drawing Chinese zodiac animals and copying Chinese Characters.

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People who help us

People who help us has been a very interesting topic. The children have enjoyed finding out about people in the community, who help us as well as learning the names of the adults in the school. The role play area (a school) has proved very popular!

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Reception Autumn walk to Beckenham Place Park

The weather was marvellous.  The forecast said that rain was likely but the sun fought its way through the clouds as we ventured into the woods.  We had a great time finding leaves of all shapes and sizes.  We compared them to the leaves on our chart and discovered what tree they came from.  We were surrounded by the beautiful colours of Autumn – every shade of yellow, orange, brown and red.  The children had a great time collecting leaves, sticks and bark. Thank you parents for coming along with us.  Thank you Mrs Jarvis for coming with us too.


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Diwali 2016

The children in Reception have been learning a little bit about Hinduism and in particular the festival of Diwali.  We had a wonderful time making Diwali sweets; creating Rangoli patterns, indoors and outdoors; making clay diva lamps; creating mendhi patterns and dressing up and dancing together to Indian music.  It has been a very nice two weeks of celebrating.  On Friday 4th November we lit our Diva lamps and sat quietly to watch the lights burning.

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Starting School

The Reception children are settling in very well into their new learning environment.  They are making new friends and enjoying a range of activities.  Here are a few photos.

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Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

Last week saw the Queen turn a nifty 90 years old. To celebrate reception class work hard as team to create some bedazzling crown jewels. The children drew, painted and glittered a crown, orb and scepter. The children cannot wait for these to go up on the display board in the corridor.

The children also learnt and wrote lots of interesting facts about the Queen such as she has 4 corgis, 9 thrones and 10 crowns.


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Horton Kirby

January 27th was a particularly wet day but this did not dampen the spirits of a very excited reception class who went on their first trip to Horton Kirby.  The children looked at seasonal change, made their own clay hedgehog and built homes for country critters out of leaves and sticks. The children were particularly fascinated by the stuffed animals. Fun was had by all!

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We Read Wednesdays!

This term the reception class have opened their doors to their parents every Wednesday morning. Parents have been invited to come and share a book or listen to their child read.  It has been a huge success and each week a number of parents attend.  The children really are enjoying the experience whilst getting extra reading practice.


We Read Wednesdays!

Busy readers!

We Read Wednesdays!

All members of the family enjoy a story!

We Read Wednesdays!

We Read Wednesdays!

We Read Wednesdays!

Very focused reading!

We Read Wednesdays!

Happy Readers!

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Christmas arts and crafts.

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been spending time in their house groups. They have been taking part in arts and crafts activities with their peers, this has given them a wonderful opportunity to spend time with each other and bond.

Over the past month the houses have met once a week and have made Christmas trees, snow globes, ice skates and Advent wreaths.

Children with arts and crafts

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