Reception are Mad About Minibeasts

The Reception children had a wonderful visit to Eltham Environment Centre on Wednesday.  The weather was marvellous and the children were very excited to go on their first coach trip together.  At Eltham we searched for minibeasts – first we looked in the pond. They had great fun fishing around with their nets.  They examined their catch carefully, before returning the little creatures back to the pond.  They then found lots of creatures under logs and stones.  In the afternoon the children had a walk past the beehives and learned about how the bees stick out their tongues to collect the nectar from the flowers and how they also collect pollen and spread it from flower to flower.  We then went into the woods where they did a little art project using natural materials to make minibeasts.  What a fabulous day they had in the sunshine!  Click on the picture to make it bigger.

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Our Spring Flowers

The children in Reception Class have discovered it takes a long time to grow flowers.  On a cold day in November we planted our bulbs.

In March we started to notice the stems peeping above the surface of the soil.

When we arrived back from our Easter break, the flowers were in bloom.  What a lovely surprise!




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Posting our letters

As part of our “Good News” topic, the children in Reception Class have been learning about the Post Office and how the postal service works.  On Tuesday this week, we went off to the post box with our letters.  Each child posted a letter home.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so we took the long way back to school and enjoyed looking for trees with Spring blossom.  What a lovely day for a walk!

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Summer has arrived!

At last the children are able to leave their coats, and even their jumpers, inside and enjoy the sunshine in our outdoor area.  The children have been caring for our new flowers and planting our beans; they have been looking for tiny creatures who have wandered into our garden as well as having a wonderful time playing and making the most of the sunny weather.  What a lovely start to the Summer term!

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We Read Every Wednesday Morning!

The Reception children are now in a good routine of reading on Wednesday mornings.  Parents and carers are warmly invited to join us between 8.45 and 9.15am on Wednesdays to share a book with the children.  Do come along when you are available.

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Book Day 2018

This year our book topic for Book Day was Little Red Riding Hood and we had three little Red Riding Hoods.  The children had fun learning the story and making their own story maps.  We also learnt a song about the colour red.  

In the afternoon we had a book quiz based on our favourite books in Reception.  The children wrote their answers on their whiteboards.  Their first ever quiz!  Everybody did very well.  Here are a few pictures of our day.


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More Snow and Ice

What a week we have had!  So much snow!  The children have had a marvellous time.  At PE they discovered that it is more difficult to run in the snow.  The children went out onto the grass and they built a snowman.  The next day there was even more snow!  It has been great fun.  Here are a few photos.

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The Chinese New Year – The Year of the Dog

The Reception children have had a great time celebrating the Chinese New Year.  This year it is The Year of the Dog.  The children made lanterns, mini dragons and fans and they worked together to make a wonderful big dragon.  They took the dragon they had made for a dance around the playground, banging their drums and clashing their cymbals.  ​The children discovered lots of different vegetables and enjoyed chopping them up to make a beautiful Chinese noodle soup.  Everyone tried the soup and some children had seconds, and even third helpings. The children had a wonderful time and were able to find out lots about how the New Year is celebrated in China. Happy New Year – or, as they say in China, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Read on Wednesdays

It was a pleasure to welcome so many parents to our first Read on Wednesday session this week.  The children very much enjoyed having visitors to share their reading with.  As well as some parents, we were joined by some of our Year 5 children.  Read on Wednesday will take place every Wednesday morning from 8.45am until 9.15am.  Please come and join us if you can.

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Using the PE Climbing Equipment

The Reception children very much enjoyed using the equipment in the hall.  They had a good time using their arm muscles and learning new skills.  Here are a few photos.

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Snow and Ice

We were just about to go to lunch one day before the end of term when suddenly we noticed it was snowing.  We rushed outside before it stopped, to see if we could catch any snow on our hands or on our tongues.  It was great fun.  The following days were very icy and the children had great fun mark-making in the ice, finding frosty leaves and scraping the ice from the gates and tyres.  It was a bit chilly out – brrrrrrrrrr

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Christmas 2017

The children in Reception have had a very busy time preparing for Jesus’s birthday.  From the time that they performed their star dance at the Infant Nativity until the end of term it was non-stop.  All the children helped prepare the classroom for the festivities.  They made paper chains; they made a beautiful advent calendar; they painted trees and they all helped to decorate the Christmas tree and were excited to put on the lights. They have enjoyed learning about the Nativity story and writing about it in their folders.  They each made a clay bauble, using finger prints to decorate it, as a gift for their families, as well as lots of other decorations.  They really enjoyed making jelly to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  They also enjoyed taking part in the school disco with the other children from Key Stage 1.  We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year!

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An Autumn Walk in the Park

The Reception children had a marvellous time at Beckenham Place Park on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a bit drizzly, but nothing could dampen their spirits.  Lots of parents came along to help out.  The children collected leaves and sticks.  We walked through the woods and up to the big mansion house.  The children have used the leaves and sticks they collected to make a nice display in the classroom.  Thank you mums and dads for coming to join us.

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Reception Class Diwali Celebrations 2017

Just before we broke up for half term, the Reception children had a marvellous time celebrating Diwali.  They very much enjoyed learning about Prince Rama and Princess Sita and the battle against Ravanna, the ten headed king.  The children celebrated by dancing to Indian music, creating rangoli patterns, making clay diva lamps and making delicious coconut sweets.  We ended our celebrations with some quiet time.  Some children had bhindis painted on their foreheads.  Take a look at our photos.

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Fun Friday in Reception Class

The children had great fun this past Friday in Reception Class.  As part of our Harvest celebration, they spent the morning making fruit kebabs, in their house groups.  While one house group was busy inside chopping delicious fruits, the other three houses took turns using the balance bikes and scooters.  All the children took part in both activities.  In the afternoon, we went into the playground and enjoyed our fruit kebabs together.  Some children chose and tasted fruits that they had never tasted before.  What a good day we all had!


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Finding Shapes Around Us

This week the children have been learning about shape.  They have made pictures and models using 2D and 3D shapes.  On Thursday 21st September, we went on a shape hunt.  We found shapes all around us.

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Settling in at Big School

The children have had a marvellous couple of weeks.  They have been getting to know each other, making friends and exploring their new learning environment.  Here are some photos.

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Searching for Minibeasts in Horton Kirby

The children had a marvellous time when they visited Horton Kirby to search for minibeasts.  It was very exciting getting on the coach with our packed lunches.  When the children arrived they were told all about the minibeasts, where they were likely to find them and how they could collect them safely and then release them.  It was wonderful to learn so much about their habitats and habits.  The children then enjoyed visiting the “smelly garden” which was full of wonderful herbs and lavender.  Afterwards, the children enjoyed playing the bee game in the flower garden, where they went from flower to flower collecting nectar.  It was great fun and the children were tired when they got back on the coach for our return journey back to school.

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Preparing for Chinese New Year

Reception have been getting ready for Chinese New Year. The children practised their finger motor skills by using chopsticks and tweezers to pick up rice as well as making paper lanterns. They have also been drawing Chinese zodiac animals and copying Chinese Characters.

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People who help us

People who help us has been a very interesting topic. The children have enjoyed finding out about people in the community, who help us as well as learning the names of the adults in the school. The role play area (a school) has proved very popular!

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School Partners