Diwali 2019

Reception class have been celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali. The children have been learning the story of Rama and Sita and the battle with the ten-headed evil king Ravannah.

As part of the celebrations, the children have made Diva lamps, to light the way home for Rama and Sita; they made Rangoli patterns, to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi who brings wealth and happiness; and they made Diwali sweets, which Hindu families share at this special time. What a lovely week it has been. There has been lots of music and dancing. To end the celebrations, we had a special circle time when the children had Bhindis on their foreheads and a quiet time of meditation.

We were very lucky to have an older brother from secondary school who came in to lend a hand. Thank you for helping us.

Have a look at our photos.

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Fabulous Fruit Kebabs

Reception Class children had a fantastic time making healthy fruit kebabs to celebrate the end of our first half term at school.

The children chose the fruits that they liked best and chopped them down to size.

We were so lucky to have a helpful parent to come and support us in making our delicious fruity treats. Thank you for coming in to help us.

Scroll down to see our photos.

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The End of the Summer Term

The weather was very hot for the last two weeks of the Summer term. We had a wonderful Teddy Bears’ Picnic in Beckenham Place Park when the sun shone brightly. It was also sunny the following day for our Sports Day. The children tried lots of different sports and then cooled off with a nice ice cream. You can click on the thumbnail pictures to make them bigger.

The children enjoyed treats, party games and dancing for our end of term party.

On the last day of term, we harvested our potatoes and ate them boiled with butter. The Reception children didn’t even know they liked boiled potatoes – but when they are home grown, they are the tastiest potatoes there are.

Thank you parents for all your support this year – for coming on our trips, practising the phonics and reading regularly with your children. Have a wonderful summer holiday.

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Posting our letters home

The children have been writing letters home. On Tuesday we went off to the postbox in Blacklands Road to post the letters. It was a good opportunity to explore our local area.

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A good start to Summer

What a busy week the children in Reception have had as they returned to school for the Summer term.  We have had lovely warm days and windy wet days.  The children learned about St George and made flags. They are also very much enjoying our transport topic.  This week we were reading stories about trains.  They had a lot of fun building their own trains and some buses too.  Next week we will be reading stories about buses and learning about the different types of vehicle that use our roads.  We will also be talking about our local environment and what we see on the way to school.  The children talked about the beautiful pink trees that are around us at the moment and they painted pictures.  They also planted potatoes and beans in the garden and will do some more planting next week. 

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Easter in Reception Class

What a great time the children in Reception have had preparing for Easter.  The final week of term was extremely busy.  The children were writing about the Easter story; they were making Easter cards and crosses; they enjoyed lots of Easter activities in the classroom and also had House Meetings with their friends in Year 1 and Year 2.  We were very happy to welcome our friends into Reception class to make Easter bunny masks.  On Tuesday, the children took part in the Palm Liturgy and sang beautifully.  On Friday, many of the children made Easter bonnets with their families and took part in our Easter Bonnet Parade before school.  Before they went home on Friday, we had an Easter egg hunt.  It has been great fun.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Infant Easter house meetings

The children are taking part in house meetings, by the end of the week they will have 4 arts and crafts activities completed. They are all enjoying socailising in their houses and working together. What a great way to end a term.

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Horniman Museum Visit

What a fantastic day the Reception Class children spent at Horniman Museum in Forest Hill.  They were very excited leading up to the visit and it did not disappoint!  The children were amazed to see the fantastic models in the Lego Brick Wonders Exhibit – it took their breath away!  We all had a go at making some wonderful models ourselves and then we headed for the galleries.  The children found the real walrus, after seeing a wonderful model of the walrus made with Lego.  They were also excited to see the bee colony and to learn how the bees are getting their hive ready for spring.

After lunch we headed for the aquarium.  It was beautiful.  The children were again quite taken with the beauty and the colour they saw around them.  It was wonderful to see the different types of fish in their natural habitats.  We just had time to see the animals that reside in Horniman Gardens and had a quick play on the musical instruments before heading back to school.  Thank you to the many parents who came along to support our visit.

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The Chinese Year of the Pig

The children in Reception have had a wonderful time celebrating the Chinese New Year,  the Year of the Pig, which fell on 5th February.  What a good time the children have had learning about China and its culture.  They enjoyed playing in the “Hungry Pig Chinese Restaurant” and they had a great time making their own real “Stone Soup” and eating it.  Some found the chopsticks a little tricky.

The children have been practising their drumming skills and made two wonderful Dragon heads for a traditional Dragon Dance through the school.  It was definitely difficult not to notice them!  What a welcome they received when they visited Nursery and the KS1 and KS2 classrooms.  Happy New Year everyone!  – or as they say in China – Gung Hay Fat Choy.  

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Bishop Pat’s Visit

The children in Reception were very excited to have Bishop Pat visit our classroom.  Bishop Pat was thrilled to see that the children had made special hats (mitres) for the occasion (which they wore all day, and then wore home).  It was also very nice to see Fr Sam.  The children were delighted with the visit and made our special guests feel very welcome.



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The children enjoyed the opportunity to flex their muscles and develop their confidence last Friday when we had PE in the school hall.  They were very excited that we would be using the “ladders”.  They showed how good they are at taking turns and trying new things.  Well done children!


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Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

What a treat Nursery and Reception had last Friday, when the Hobgoblin Theatre Company came to school to give the children a theatre experience in our own school hall.  The children were delighted with the performance of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

After the show, the children were also treated to a workshop where they used their bodies and faces to perform some of their favourite fairytale characters.  The parents also joined in.  What a great time we had.


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Diwali Celebrations 2018

Reception Class children have had a wonderful week celebrating the feast of Diwali.  They have been using the traditional Hindu greeting – Namaste!  They had a lot of fun making their own rainbow rice which they played with throughout the week.

The children very much enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and have all made clay diva lamps to help guide Rama and Sita back on their journey.  The children painted Rangoli patterns, traditionally a symbol of welcome.  They also made sweets, traditionally given to children during Diwali celebrations.  Making the sweets was hard work as the mixture was especially sticky.  The sweets were delicious.  The children have been dancing to Indian music and Tamil music throughout the week and finished the week with a circle time, where they quietly reflected on the week’s activities.  They also found out what it was like to meditate in the traditional style.  Happy Diwali.  Namaste!

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A Visit to our Church

Reception have been visiting our church.  We tried to go in the big doors but they were closed.  Luckily, we had a key to a secret door.  We crept in quietly and had a good look around the church.  We then had a sit down in the church pews where we will be sitting on Monday next for our Harvest Festival.  The children very much enjoyed the visit.


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Healthy Fruit Salad

What a nice day Reception have spent chopping up fruit for our healthy fruit salad.  The children all tasted the fruit salad and some wanted second helpings.

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Welcome to Reception

The children have had a great time settling into their new school.  They have been getting to know each other, making friends and exploring their new learning environment.  Here are some photos.

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EYFS Sports Activity Morning

Nursery and Reception children joined together on Wednesday morning for fun-filled activities in the main school playground.  The children had a chance to try out some new sports activities together and to develop their skills.  It was a wonderful morning.  Year 5 joined the children and supported them around the activity trail.  They did an excellent job.  Thank you Year 5 and thank you to the many parents who came to enjoy this special event.

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Crystal Palace Park and Farm

It was a hot and sunny day when Reception class visited Crystal Palace Park and Farm.  The children had a lot of fun learning about all the animals in the farm.  There were pigs, lambs, goats, ponies, chickens, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs and an owl – but they were very surprised and excited to also meet some exotic animals.  They had the opportunity to touch the snake and the bearded dragon.  After visiting the farm, the children cooled off and ate their lunch.  They then went on a tour of the dinosaur trail. The children had a little play before returning to school.  What a lovely day!  Crystal Palace Park Farm is free to visit and open every day from 12 – 4pm.  It’s well worth a visit during the summer holidays.  Thank you Miss Maat for coming with us.

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Beautiful Butterflies

What a busy week we have had in Reception class.  The children have been caring for our beautiful butterflies which emerged from their crystallises on Monday.  The children watched the butterflies as they learned to use their wings and use their butterfly tongues to collect “nectar” from the flowers and fruit.  The children carefully took the butterflies into the playground on Wednesday so that all the children in Key Stage 1 were able to come and see them. 

Finally it was time to say goodbye.  Some of the children felt sad, but they understood that butterflies are wild creatures and they should be free.  Bye bye butterflies.

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Reception are Mad About Minibeasts

The Reception children had a wonderful visit to Eltham Environment Centre on Wednesday.  The weather was marvellous and the children were very excited to go on their first coach trip together.  At Eltham we searched for minibeasts – first we looked in the pond. They had great fun fishing around with their nets.  They examined their catch carefully, before returning the little creatures back to the pond.  They then found lots of creatures under logs and stones.  In the afternoon the children had a walk past the beehives and learned about how the bees stick out their tongues to collect the nectar from the flowers and how they also collect pollen and spread it from flower to flower.  We then went into the woods where they did a little art project using natural materials to make minibeasts.  What a fabulous day they had in the sunshine!  Click on the picture to make it bigger.

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