A visit from the Fire Bridgae!

Today, Year 5 had a visit from the London Fire Brigade.  We learned all about how to stay calm and safe in a fire.  The three main words were:




We looked at some real photos of rooms that had been on fire and had to deduct what had happened (this is really helpful because we’ll be using the same deduction skills in our reading).  We even got to watch a room burn completely.  It only took 8.5 minutes for everything to be engulfed in flames!

We were told how important it is to ensure everything is switched off and unplugged at night time… except the fridges and freezers!

*These words follow the same spelling rule that we are revising this week.  How good is that!

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Para Athletic Championships

On Monday 17th July years 4,5 and 6 were lucky enough to be able to go the World Para Athletic Championships. The children saw track and field events for 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres and 800 metres. The track events the children saw were long jump, shot put and discus.

While there the children saw Sophie Kamlish beat her own world record in the 100 metre sprint for Great Britain.She ran 100 metres in 12.90 seconds wow! The atmosphere in the London Stadium was amazing and the children cheered on all the athletes but especially team GB.

Everyone had a wonderful day!

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Trees for the park

On the 23rd March, Year 5 crossed the road to Beckenham Place Park to meet up with the park wardens and groundsmen. Our mission: to help renovate the park by planting a few trees. There were 75 trees waiting in bags, and the children were eager to get started. Surprisingly, they not only succeeded in planting those, but more trees were fetched. Oak, Hazel, Sweet Chestnut… Just imagine our astonishment to find out at the end that 205 trees had been planted in around an hour! The children were happy to contribute to protecting the natural environment. As one of the year 5 children said: “Every puff of oxygen helps the world a bit more!”

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School Councillors Visit The Mayor

The School Councillors from Years 5 and 6, Michaela, Che, Llywella and Rex,  spent an informative morning at the Civic Suite . When they arrived they completed a quiz about the London Borough of Lewisham, looked at Mayoral Regalia included former and current mayoral Maces and tried out the Mayoral chair. They then went into the Council Chambers , where they met the Deputy Young Mayor of Lewisham, Tekisha Henry from Sedgehill. She explained how she was elected and what her role is . They then went to meet Sir Steve Bullock, the Mayor of Lewisham. He showed them his Mayoral Chain and Badge and explained the work of Lewisham Council. The Councillors asked him about their policies and questioned him on his achievements and role as Mayor.

At the end of the morning Sir Steve announced the winners of the quiz and we were delighted to hear that it was………..St Augustines!  A fantastic end to a thought provoking and interesting morning.

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The Science of Materials

Year 5 are enjoying their science topic about materials and their properties. They are sharpening their practical skills through a number of experiments. The photos here show them using a range of techniques to separate mixtures of various kinds. How many can you spot?

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Y5 robot invasion…

As part of our study of Science Fiction, several children in year 5 chose to make a robot at home. They made these charming characters using only household items such as bottle tops, foil and cereal boxes. “Don’t worry – they all have a self-destruct button… just in case they get out of control!” one of the robot makers has assured us. Well done to all who had a go!

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Year 5 Trip to Tate Modern

On Monday 7th November, Year 5 visited Tate Modern as part of their Art unit on Surrealism. They visited several galleries, had a go at sketching some of the works, and after lunch had a look at the London sky line. A fun time was had by all

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In Primary Pioneers, we do a lot of teamwork, for example ‘Leap Frog’ game and obstacle courses. It helps us focus on our team work so that we learn to co-operate and listen to others as well as taking turns. Teamwork helps us in becoming more confident in ourselves too.


Primary Pioneers

We have been focusing on teamwork. What we did was to have a treasure hunt where we had to answer questions in order to move on and find the treasure. We were paired with a partner, which meant that we had to work together. After that, we went to the park to make a shelter in our small groups. In order to do that, we had to work as a team to get it right.


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In Primary Pioneers we learnt about Map reading. We learnt about maps and how to use them. We got into groups of 4 and our teachers Glenn and Duncan gave us names of places we needed to find on the map. It was really helpful and educational.


Primary Pioneers Primary Pioneers






In the Primary Pioneers program, we learnt about Map reading, and after all our trainings, we will go on an excursion. That will test our map reading skills. Glenn and Duncan (our teachers) have been a real help to us because they taught us how to read and use a map. We also learnt about the different meaning on the ‘Norths’, like Grid North, Magnetic North and True North.




With the Primary Pioneers we have been learning about First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). We have been learning about how to put people in the Recovery Position and clearing any danger from around the injured person. We learnt that if the casualties are unconscious, we need to put them in the recovery position and check if their airways are open. If not we need to start doing CPR on them.


In Primary Pioneers, we learnt about First Aid. We were taught how to save a person’s life if someone was unconscious and if they stopped breathing. We know now how to put someone in the recovery position and do CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) on an injured person if needed.



Royal Festival Hall

Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Royal Festival Hall to listen to The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s BrightSparks concerts which offered the opportunity for school students to experience an orchestral concert live. PHONEYS, FAKES AND FIBBERS was the LPO specially designed KS2 concert where the children met Prokofiev’s mysterious Lieutenant Kijé amid the icy frozen landscape of Russia in winter, and then travelled to the blisteringly hot Sahara desert with the mischievous Peer Gynt by Grieg… Or will they? Nothing was quite as it seemed in this concert of misleading characters, which also included Rachel Leach’s fantastical song The Troll, which had all the children from many schools joining in. Afterwards the children walked along the River Thames to St Paul’s admiring and learning all about the different sites.


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Design and Technology

Year 5 at Bonus PastorYear 5 have been going to Bonus Pastor every Wednesday afternoon to take part in a Design and Technology. The students were exposed to a wide range of resistant materials tools and equipment.

The children used a program called 2D Design which is an industry wide recognised software program. 2D Design V2 offered the children the opportunity for combining vector drawing with text, bitmaps, photographs or clip-art to create stunning graphic products. Comprehensive editing tools allowed any image to be clipped to size and shape; bitmap images could be converted into a vector drawing. The optionsYear 5 at Bonus Pastor were endless –The children had to design their own book mark which was then sent to a laser printed to etched on a book mark. The results were fantastic and intricate.

The children also made a pencil box from wood –the tools ranged from basic hand tools, ruler, try square, Tenon saw, bench hook, clamps, to industrial equipment, the band facer, pillar drill and scroll saws. Each student was individually and closely monitored when using the industrial equipment as well as being supported when using the hand tools, each pupil successfully used all the mentioned tools and in many cases showed an aptitude beyond their years.
Year 5 Bonus Pastor  Year 5 Bonus Pastor  Year 5 Bonus Pastor

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Christmas crafts

Whilst the boys were at the football tournament, the Year 5 girls spent the morning creating amazing Christmas cards. They had to work very carefully, cutting, measuring and sticking to produce fantastic cards to send to their families.

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Year 5 football tournament

The Year 5 boys were delighted to be invited to take part in a inter-school football tournament organised by Sedgehill School and the Fulham Football Academy.

9 teams entered the tournament which meant that each team had to play 8 games, each lasting 7 minutes.

St Augustine’s Team A won one match and drew one.

St Augustine’s Team B won five matches and drew one which meant that they were in third place overall. A well earned achievement.

In addition 3 medals were awarded: to Che for being a very versatile captain, playing in all positions and motivating his team to keep going, to Jenujan for scoring the most goals and to Samuel for his amazing goal keeping skills.

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