Para Athletic Championships

On Monday 17th July years 4,5 and 6 were lucky enough to be able to go the World Para Athletic Championships. The children saw track and field events for 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres and 800 metres. The track events the children saw were long jump, shot put and discus.

While there the children saw Sophie Kamlish beat her own world record in the 100 metre sprint for Great Britain.She ran 100 metres in 12.90 seconds wow! The atmosphere in the London Stadium was amazing and the children cheered on all the athletes but especially team GB.

Everyone had a wonderful day!

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Crofton Roman Villa

​Year 4 spent a busy afternoon at Crofton Roman Villa consolidating their knowledge of their history topic, the Romans in Britain. After finding out the history of the actual villa they were in, the children made mosaic patterns and completed brass rubbings of Roman soldiers. Some dressed up as Romans and they looked at evidence found so they could piece together what life was like in Roman times. Finally everybody had the chance to handle Roman artefacts that were 1,800 years old. A very interesting session.

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A team from Year 4 played in their first inter school tournament, playing cricket against 2 schools at Catford Wanderers Cricket Club. Well done Ifunanya, Ilksev, Esther, Hollie, Piotr, Brian, Samuel, Johan, Emmanuel and John-Richard.


Kwik Cri

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Having fun on the bouncy castle

Just before the summer fayre started Year 4 were given a sneak preview of the bouncy castle as a reward for bringing the most bottles and money on the ‘Own Cothes’ Day.

What fun !

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Building Bridges

In our RE topic on Reconciliation  we have been studying the life of Pope John Paul II and how he built a bridge to forgive a prisoner who had tried to assassinate him. After recording how we can forgive those who wrong us we worked at building bridges with construction equipment. First we worked on our own, then with a partner and finally in groups of 4. We learnt that we could build stronger bridges with a partner and even stronger bridges when we worked in bigger groups.


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Factorial Functions

We were investigating how many ways a number of items can be arranged.

1 colour    1 arrangement   1×1 =

2 colours   2 arrangements   2×1 =

3 colours  6 arrangements  3x2x1=

4 colours   24 arrangements  4x3x2x1 =

5 colours   ?????  What’s the pattern?

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Street Dancers

This half term we have been having street dancing lessons with Miss England. Everybody has made up new and exciting routines, working together in groups. It has been such fun.

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Altar Servers in Year 4.

Altar Servers

All 9 Altar Servers in Year 4 served at Parish Mass on Ascension Day. Everyone took their roles responsibly, but joyfully praised God in this special job that they do.

Thank you Olaoluwa, Esther, Natasha, Rachael, Kordi, Kieran, Michael, Miquel, and Giovanni.

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A wonderful day in the River Darenth.

We spent a hot ,sunny day searching for organisms that live in the River Darenth, which is a fresh water river. We found bull head fish, shrimps, water lice, mayfly nymphs and many others.

Ilksev said ” When we went in the river it was so much fun and splashy!”

Julia G ” I really liked it when we went in the river, it was so much fun.”

Samuel said ” I knew there were fish in the shade, I saw something moving and I caught a bull head fish by guiding it into the net with my hand.”

Mekhi said “I caught fish in the water.”


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First Holy Communion

Congratulations to Johan, Emmanuel and Adam who are making their First Holy Communion this summer.May God always guide and protect them.

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The Last Supper

Year 4 re enacted the events of the Last Supper in a very holy and reverent service. We shared bread and wine and thought about the words Jesus spoke .” When you eat this bread and drink this wine remember me.” Each child prayed for another member of the class and we sang together. A beautiful ending to the Easter term.

KIeran explained that we all sat in a circle and took it in turns to say prayers about each other.

Johan enjoyed the fact that there was enough bread and wine for everyone to share.

Emmanuel said “We all shared the bread and wine which helped us to remember that Jesus died on the cross for us.”

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Celebrating STEM week.

At the end of STEM week we dressed up as scientists, mathematicians and science and maths symbols , everyone looked great.

We finished the week by making panpipes , we tried playing Irish tunes with them to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

What an exciting week!

STEM Week  STEM Week

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Special Choir Singing at the Barbican

We are so proud of Hollie, Kordi, Michael and Rachael who were chosen to join the Westminster School Choir at their performance of Faure’s Requiem at the Barbican. They sang Pie Jesu in Latin , which is a very challenging piece of music for 8 and 9 year olds.

Well Done!

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STEM week

This week Year 4 have been focusing on the topic of Sound. We have learnt about Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first telephone  and famously said “The day will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking.” We wrote letters to him explaining how his vision has come true!  We experimented with tin can telephones, learning how the string must be pulled very tight to work.

Miss Buckland and Olaoluwa taught us how to use sign language to learn the alphabet and how spell our names.

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Live Voices 2017 perform on Broadway !


There are 18 children in the school choir in Year 4 and they had a wonderful day and evening at the Broadway Theatre. In the morning the choir rehearsed with other Lewisham schools and then were given a tour behind the scenes of the theatre , listened to the restored organ and heard about the theatre ghost!

In the evening the choir were back to open the concert singing ‘Lean on Me’ to an audience of over 700 people. What a great start to the concert! After listening to the other schools perform everyone went  back to the stage for the grand finale with 326 children singing ‘Believe’. What a fantastic experience.


Live Voices 2017


Lives Voices 2017


Live Voices 2017


Lives Voices 2017



Live Voices 2017


Live Voices 2017

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A surprise for our mums!

Some children in Year 4 had a wonderful afternoon working with Mrs Lemard to make beautiful Mother’s Day cards . I am sure the mums will treasure them!

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World Book Day

World Book Day World Book Day World Book Day World Book Day

What an exciting day for Year 4!  A  whole range of book characters came to school including Varjak Paw, the Iron Man, the Demon Dentist and Captain Underpants. After sharing our masks and enjoying a reading session we set off to the Unicorn Theatre for our long awaited trip to see The Iron Man. And it was worth the wait! Using paper-cut silhouettes, puppetry and stop-motion animation, we felt as if we were inthe world of the Iron Man. He had been eating every single piece of metal in sight: tractors, old cars, fences and even rusty old nails.The angry farmers tried to trap him but the little boy Hogarth befriended him and in the end he saved the world. The best show ever!

The Iron Man Show   The Iron Man Show



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A cloud in a glass

Cloud in a glass

Cloud in a glass

We have been learning about the water cycle. To help us to understand this we made clouds in a glass.

Piotr thought that there must be a hole in the foil container but then discovered that the drops of water did not come from the



foil but from the glass. This is called condensation.

Naomi said that if there is ice in a tin foil tray and hot water in  a glass, the hot water will become tepid.

Tarek saw precipitation on the glass.


Brian said that if you look under a very cold tin foil container it will look as if it has been raining.
What can you see?Has anything happened?

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Chocolate Investigation

Year 4 were investigating properties of chocolate and marsmallows.

We predicted what might happen when we held a piece of chocolate or marshmallow in our hand or our mouth and what might hapen if we put them in a microwave. Would it matter how long we left things? Does the temperature make a difference?

Michael learnt that if you leave chocolate in a microwave for 3 minutes on high it will burn. If you do the same with marshmallows they will spread and go crusty.If you touch them a bit breaks off..

Josephine learnt that chocolate can be a liquid and a solid at the same time.

Natatsha learnt that marshmallows turn into a different form of solid when you put it in a microwave on medium heat for 1 minute.

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Busy half term in Year 4

Year 4’s are working very hard this term. They are learning about different countries in Asia and have been working independently at home on amazing  projects.  They are enjoying the novel Varjak Paw and have researched information about the author S.F. Said and produced fantastic collages of Varjak Paw. Tennis lessons on Friday afternoons are fun and we have some future Wimbledon champions. Children know about acute and obtuse angles and can find more than one line of symmetry on regular shapes. They enjoyed a great trip to the Tate Modern where they were able to work with the artists in residence there.

Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis

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