Cricket training

This Saturday 6th January there will be coaching sessions for junior children aged 7-11 from 11.00 to 12.00 and will run for approximately 12 weeks. Children can just drop in and don’t need to attend all sessions. The sessions will be taking place at the Kent County Ground, Worsley Bridge Road BR3 1RL.


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Horton Kirby

This term, year 3 visited Horton Kirby for a fun exploration of the Stone Age. They tried their hands at cave painting, hunting using stone age weapons, and even lit fires using flint. While many said they enjoyed the archaeological dig best, dressing up in costumes from a range of historical periods was another firm favourite. This was a great hands-on way to learn about the Stone Age.

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Christingle 2017

Year 3 were delighted to organise this year’s Christingle service. They had carefully made their own Christingle oranges and learned about the symbolism of each part. It was a prayerful and joyful start to their first Advent in Juniors!

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BMX track in Beckenham Place Park

There is a open day this Saturday 30th September from 2pm-5pm. The children can bring their bikes or scooters and try the new BMX track. For anyone who does not have a bike they will have some at the track and helmets.

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Y3 Trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral

Y3 had a fantastic day out on the 26th June to St Paul’s Cathedral. We looked at Christopher Wren’s masterpiece, geometrical staircase and built an arch. We even climbed up countless steps to get to the top of the dome! A great adventure was had by all!

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STEM week


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National History Museum

Y3 had a marvellous day out on the 13th March. They went to the Natural History Museum to investigate geological forces from deep within the Earth using interactive demonstrations. The children made a real earthquake and poured lava and have gained the skills and knowledge to save a town from catastrophe. The show they took part of highlighted the awesome power of our planet’s natural forces and demonstrated the importance and challenge of natural disaster prediction. Great fun was had by all!

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Y3 trip to the National Gallery

Y3 had a fantastic day out on Friday 3rd of February.  Their visit to the National Gallery proved to be fun, informative and thought-provoking. During their guided tour the children discussed various painting techniques, the use of primary, secondary and complementary colours and the painter’s choice capturing specific objects and moments of life.

The children were truly inspired and amazed and they cannot wait for their next Art lesson to use the new skills and knowledge they had gained from this wonderful experience. 

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Our topic in Science this term is Rocks and soils. The children have learnt about the different kind of rocks and the never-stopping rock cycle and to understand this even better we made sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks out of dark and milk chocolate. First they  layered dark and milk chocolate ‘sediments’ to make sedimentary rocks, then applied heat and pressure of their fingertips to turn them to metamorphic rocks and at the end they  put their ‘rocks’ into hot lava (boiling water) to form igneous rocks.

In Geography Y3 has been learning about volcanoes and how they work.  To consolidate our learning we have recreated the diagram of a volcano in our computing lesson using the 2PaintaPicture programme.  We had lots of fun experimenting with the different tools.


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Christingle Liturgy

On 21st  December Year 3 held their Christingle Service and reminded everybody about the importance of Jesus being the light of our lives.
The orange represents the world. The candle represents the light that Jesus brings to the world. The red band represents the blood Christ shed for us. The four cocktail sticks represent the four seasons. The nuts and fruit represent the fruits of the earth.
We were so pleased to see so many parents attending the Christingle Service.


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Y3 Trip to Horton Kirby

Y3 have had a fantastic day at Horton Kirby on Wednesday. The children discovered what life was like for people during the Stone Age in Britain: they took part in an archaeological dig to discover what tools people used, turned themselves into a stone age tribe and used authentic weapons to recreate a hunt and experienced the difficulties of cave painting with natural materials in Horton Kirby’s own cave.  At the end of the day they even had a go lighting a fire using some flint stones!

A great time was had by all children, parent helpers and teachers.

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