Music – Welcome to Mr Bramley

Our first music lesson with Mr Bramley was great! We sang songs and practised clapping beats. We then played various percussion instruments by shaking them, hitting them and scraping them. We are looking forward to our next music lesson.

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London Fire Brigade Visit

Jordanna, a firefighter, visited our class to talk about the importance of smoke alarms and what we must do if a fire were to occur. We learnt that ‘smoke goes up so we go down’  and that we call 999 to ask for the Fire Brigade, Police or London Ambulance services. It was a interactive workshop and we had the opportunity to ask and answer questions. A big thank you to the LFB for our wonderful workshop.

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We welcome Miss Tucker as our new teacher. During our first lesson we talked about the importance of warm up, learnt a simple routine and cooled down by stretching.

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Year 2 have made a terrific start to the new school year. We are very impressed with their work and enthusiasm to learn. Keep it up!

Mrs Thomas & Mrs Buckland

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Design an Animal

The website we were using in class to design animals is:



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For 2Feet spent the day in school working with Years 1 and 2 on Scooter Safety.  The children received 45 minutes of training – 20 minutes in the playground and 25 minutes on the pavements around the school.  The training included a safety check of equipment, scooter control games, hazards they may encounter while out scootering and safe places to cross the road with a scooter.  All children who took part enjoyed their session and came back full of enthusiasm and knowledge of scooter safety.

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Year 2 have starting gardening in their outdoor area.  First we had to take out the weeds that had grown over the winter and add more soil to the pots.  We planted tomato, sunflower and pea seeds inside as it was still too cold for them outside.   They will soon be ready to transplant outdoors.  We are looking forward to seeing the results of our work in the near future.

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Wonderful Weaving

Year 2 are weaving this term.  The children began by using a paper frame and weaving a selection of paper through it.  They have now moved onto making their own frames and weaving with wool.  We will soon be weaving people and weaving on different shapes.

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Downham War Memorial

Year 2 visited  the Downham War Memorial as part of their History studies of the Local Area .  They reflected on the contribution made by the local community in war .  The children were interested in the wreaths left by different groups of the community on Remembrance Sunday.

IMG_0340 IMG_0342

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The effects of exercise …

As part of our Science unit, Animals Including Humans, Year 2 investigated the effects of exercise on their bodies.  After a period of rest, children observed the state of their heart, breathing and skin.  Then they exercised and observed the changes in their bodies.


Resting ExerciseHB HB 3 HB 2

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Crystal Palace Park

Year 2 enjoyed a day at Crystal Palace Park as part of their history studies.  The children have been studying Local Area history.  In addition to seeing the ruins of the Crystal Palace, Year 2 hunted for dinosaurs and succeeded in solving the maze puzzle.  Thank you to our helpers for making it a great day.Trip

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Healthy Dips

Year 2 made healthy dips and crudites as part of our Food topic.

After the making, came the eating ….

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Year 2 have enjoyed tasting different fruit and vegetables as part of their Food topic.   The children designed and made their own healthy salads.  There were some interesting combinations but very yummy!

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Simulation and Modelling

Here are the websites we used today.  Let me know how you do.  Miss Maat

Hot Air Balloon

Park the Car

Grow a Plant

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Who is this?

Year 2 have been using Modelling and Simulation software.  Can you guess who these are?

The website is

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Natural History Museum


Natural History Museum

Into the volcano

Natural History Museum


Here me roar…

Year 2 visited the Natural History Museum as part of their Science topic, Living Things and their Habitats.  They experienced an earthquake simulation that shook them up and gave them a sense of natural disasters.  The mammal room provided a sense of size as the children viewed a blue whale, a giraffe and an elephant amongst other life sized animals.  The children then turned into explorers in the wildlife garden as they put on  safari hats and binoculars and went in search of minibeasts and plants.  It was then a quick trip to the past to see some of the many dinosaur skeletons on display throughout the museum.    A highlight of the trip for most of the children was seeing the moving, roaring model of the T-Rex.  At the end of a busy day, the children were full of enthusiasm for the  new things they had learnt and had found some new interests.  Thank you to our parent helpers. IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0058 IMG_0750 IMG_0768

Into the volcano

Into the volcano

Natural History Museum

I spy with my little eye …

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum


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Year 2 took advantage of the fine weather to plant some seeds.  We look forward to watching them grow and enjoying carrots, radishes, purple broccoli and lettuce as well as some flowers.










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Christmas arts and crafts.

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been spending time in their house groups. They have been taking part in arts and crafts activities with their peers, this has given them a wonderful opportunity to spend time with each other and bond.

Over the past month the houses have met once a week and have made Christmas trees, snow globes, ice skates and Advent wreaths.

Children with arts and crafts

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Art & Craft Club

In Art & Craft club the children have been so busy making pinwheels that actually spins, dog shaped cards with their decorated coats, puzzles with a box, mosaics, bookmarks, door hangers & ‘Happy’ books using laptops and finally Christmas Cards using candies & buttons.

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