Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Reception children have had a great time celebrating the Chinese New Year. The children have been making lanterns, mini dragons, and working together to make a wonderful big dragon. They took the dragon they had made for a dance around the playground, banging their drums and clashing their cymbals. The children discovered lots of different vegetables and enjoyed chopping them up to make a beautiful Chinese noodle soup. Everyone tried the soup and some children had seconds, and even third helpings. Happy New Year – or, as they say in China, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Preparing Chinese Soup  Enjoying the soup  Our Chinese Dragon

School Councillors visits the Mayor

The Y5 & Y6 school councillors had a fantastic opportunity to meet the Mayor of Lewisham , Sir Steve Bullock. They began their morning with a quiz about the borough of Lewisham and its councillors, met the Young Mayor Laurelle Henry and her team and bravely spoke, in front of other schools, what they would do if they were Mayors. The four forthright, confident representatives of our school raised issues about parking near our school; the possibility of extending the yellow lines; the safety of children in the community; future options for extra-curricular and cultural education for the young, especially during the holidays. The morning climaxed with the arrival of the Mayor, who patiently answered the questions of all present school councillors, talked about his youth and ambitions, the time when he was knighted and gave us valuable and wise advice to bring back and share with each other. What an amazing experience and lifelong memory!

School Councillors visits Mayor