When Cells Misbehave

‘When cells misbehave’ is a school programme teaching primary aged children (Y4 –Y6) about the science of cancer to help them understand how and why cancer grows, how cancer is treated, and ways to keep their own cells healthy.

Years 4, 5 & 6 had an Assembly plus workshop on “When cells misbehave”
The children really enjoyed the visit from the organisation “When cells misbehave”, which was pitched at just the right level for them. The classes showed a mature attitude in the preparatory session, listening well to others and sharing their own knowledge. It showed how involved many are in current affairs e.g. many knew the latest thoughts on eating burnt toast! However there were many misconceptions.

After the assembly, children attended a workshop in class. They learnt many things; What cells and organs are, What is inside a cell Characteristics of cancer cells etc.
The organisers had done a terrific job creating some fun activities to embed the learning in the minds of the children.  A favourite was the “surgery” activity station. The children wore clinical uniforms and took on the roles of anaesthetist, nurse, pathologist, surgeon and oncologist. Each then had a number of jobs to do during an operation on a mannequin.

The organisation took what could have been a very difficult topic for these children, and made it both accessible and intriguing; many children came away with a much better understanding of what cancer is and how it is treated.

We must thank Fruit Fly Collective for organising the assembly and workshop. For information http://fruitflycollective.com/cancer-education-primary-schools/

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