St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

School Application Information

To find out more about our admissions arrangements please read our Admission Policy. The policy outlines not only how places will be offered but also contains supplementary notes. A map of our parish is also provided on the link below and should be looked at in conjunction with the policy.

Reception Class

Applications to Reception Class at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School are made through online using the Common Application Form (CAF). Applying for a school place is quick and easy using the e-admissions website:

In addition to this form we also require a supplementary form to be completed. The supplementary form is completed by your Priest and shows evidence of your attendance at Mass. This form can be downloaded from this website or from the School Office. The same supplementary form can be used for applications to any Catholic Primary School in Lewisham (not academies).

Your CAF must be returned to the Local Authority but your supplementary form must be taken to each of the Catholic Schools you are applying to along with your child’s Baptismal Certificate, this will be photocopied and the original returned to you.

Years 1 – 6

For applications to Years 1-6, a Local Authority in year application form will need to completed and returned to the Authority. A supplementary form is also required, details as above.


For Nursery only, a supplementary form must be completed and returned to the School together with your child’s Baptismal Certificate as well as proof of address. This form is downloadable from this website.  Please note that there is no automatic entry from Nursery into School.

Please contact the School Office if you require a paper copy of our School Application information.