St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Children’s Views

“We have lots of fun”
 Child in Nursery

“I like my School because I have lots of friends”
Child in Reception

“There is a lot of space to learn and have fun!”
Child in Year 1

“We are respectful to one another”
Child in Year 2

“Children of any level can come to St. Augustine’s and they improve because we work hard and get lots of help”
Child in Year 3

“St. Augustine’s is a good, kind and polite school and we are Ready, Respectful and Responsible”
Child in Year 4

“we can trust our staff with any of our problems and we know they will listen to us”
Child in Year 5

“The trips I have been on have given me a range of great experiences and I have always been able to express my views and opinions through the school council”
Child in Year 6