St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Eco Council

Our Eco Council 2023-2024

Our Eco Council works together to ensure that we are all aware of the environmental issues facing our planet today. They discuss ways in which we can help to change habits and make simple adaptations to our daily lives which, may seem small individually, but can have a real impact when implemented on a large scale. The children in the Eco Council aim to educate our School community in order to help protect our wonderful Planet Earth from further damage and destruction. Our children want to build a better future for us and the generations that will follow.

News from the Eco-council
The Eco council has been learning about reusable and renewable energy and has been exploring ways to make our school more eco-friendly. You will be pleased to know that we have ordered food waste bins from Lewisham Recycling Services and from now on all food waste generated in school is collected in designated bins and sent to a company called East London Biogas Limited. Once the food has been recycled it goes through a process called Anaerobic Digestion. Essentially our food is being turned into electricity and fertiliser as shown on the diagram below:

We would like to encourage all of our families to do the same with their food waste as it is important that we all fulfil our environmental responsibilities in the current Climate Emergency.