St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Lunch Menu

St. Augustine’s is a healthy School and we work together with parents and carers to ensure all children receive a healthy and happy lunch. All children eat in the School Hall with their class friends and other members of their Key Stage. Some have a school lunch and others bring a packed lunch in from home.

Each day our chef and her wonderful team produce delicious and nutritious meals for the children of St. Augustine’s. Excellent table manners are taught and expected from the children.

The menu is on a three week rotation so the children experience a wide variety of meals. There is always a salad bar and the option of bread as a side dish. Each day the children are offered water or milk as a drink to accompany their meal.

Free School Meals

Children throughout the School from Reception Class to Year 6 currently receive universal free school meals. This means that they are all offered a meal without charge to the family.

In addition to this some families qualify for Free School Meals (FSM). This is a fund given by the government to the School for families who qualify for the benefit. If your child is in receipt of FSM, at St. Augustine’s they receive a wide range of additional help such as free class trips and residential school journeys costing only the deposit price. If you would like to find out if your child qualifies for FSM please click on the link below and follow the instructions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.

Free School Meals and Extra Support for your Child

Holiday Activities and Food Programme 2024

Packed Lunch

For those children who chose to bring in a packed lunch we encourage parents and carers to provide a healthy lunch. All children are offered water to drink to avoid drinks with high quantities of sugar. We are very keen to build good habits in our children for a life time of healthy eating.


We ask parents and carers to inform us of any allergies their children have so that we can work with them to ensure our precious children are allergy aware and are kept safe. We are obliged to notify Chartwells, our school meal provider, of any allergies and then Caterlink create individual menus where appropriate.

Changing lunches

Children are asked to choose between school lunches or packed lunch and stay with that choice for a half term. Changes can be made at the start of a half term. Children must notify their class teacher of changes in lunch arrangements.


School meals must be paid for using ParentPay.