St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Visitor’s Comments

Thank you for a wonderful visit to St Augustine’s this week – I was made to feel very welcome at your school.  It was lovely to see the staff and children once again after missing last year’s visit.  The children seemed very pleased to see the Life Bus return and were engaged in the sessions.  They were keen to participate in the discussion work both in pairs and also sharing with the class.  There were many thoughtful exchanges and it was good to hear the children talking about the importance of both their physical and emotional health.
Kate Watkins – The Life Bus

Pupils demonstrate very positive behaviours towards their own learning. This is as a result of the shared drive by all members of staff to remove any potential ceilings on their ambitions. There is a palpable sense of a harmonious culture within the school. This is based on mutual trust and respect that results in pupils who work very well with each other. They routinely provide support and encouragement to their peers.
Challenge Partners Review

“Trained a fabulous group of Year 4 and Year 5 children today – polite, respectful, enthusiastic.  I don’t always see such well trained children, so it was such a pleasure to have the opportunity.  Thank You!’
Paul Aruliah – Restorative Now