St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Secondary Applications

Children leave St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School at the end of Year 6 ready to start the next chapter of their academic journey in secondary school. Applications for secondary school need to be submitted online by the end of October when the child is in Year 6. 

At St. Augustine’s we hold an annual meeting to explain the process to parents and carers. We also offer individual meetings to talk through options for your child.

All current details for secondary applications can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Lewisham Education Secondary School Application Information

We firmly believe that once you are a St. Augustine’s child you will always be a St. Augustine’s child. You will go on other adventures but we love our children to come back to us and share their achievements and their joy with us. We are also here if children need to share their worries with us once they have left. We never stop loving them.