St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Head of School Award

Jordan in Year 5 for his effort in learning  his spellings
Adesuwa in Reception for her independent writing
Victoria in Year 5 for her polite manners with the kitchen staff

David in Year 1 and Poppy in Year 6 for becoming rock legends. Congratulations!

Laura for her writing during phonics
Nith for his concentration and improvement during phonics

Year 1
Kashawn for super reading using his phonics knowledge!
Marysia for always being ready to learn

Year 2
Year 2 for being determined and trying their best during this challenging week

Year 3
Aniyah for beautiful artwork and teamwork also.
Micayla for beautiful artwork and teamwork.

Year 4
Year 4 for your exemplary behaviour during our trip to The British Library. You asked relevant questions, answered questions clearly and represented our school well. Well done!

Year 5
Daniel for creating and publishing their own series of books
Cavarlli for creating and publishing their own series of books

Year 6
Lucy for being a great ambassador of our school and producing observant Benin bronze sketches on our trip
Alicja for being a role model on our school trip and for producing detailed Benin Bronze sketches