St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Head of School Awards

Daniel, Gianna, Paulina and Mary in Year 5 for their amazing Performance Poetry

Certificates of Achievement

This week the children have worked hard and settled so well.  The children who have impressed their Teachers are:

Julia and Sebastian for being ready to learn at all times

Year 1
Annabelle for using fantastic vocabulary in her writing
Javay for being focused in her learning

Year 2
Rory for always trying hard in everything he does
Tishany for working hard on her number bonds
Year 3
Renee for working independently and diligently
Favour for completing all of her homework each week

Year 4
Zac for being so caring to his friends
Davina-Amor for being Ready, Respectful and Responsible
Wilson for his amazing handwriting and being ready to work

Year 5
Daniel for performing his poem with confidence
Matias for completing all tasks to the best of his ability

Year 6
Darren and Dashawn for their poem about discrimination
Juan for writing a great poem about WW2