St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School


‘Technology can become the ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before – if we allow it. ‘
Jenny Arledge

In the 21st century our lives now more than ever rely heavily on technology. Many of the jobs that we have now involve us being able to use technology and there are jobs that do not even exist that will be based solely around the use of technology. Therefore, it is important that children are comfortable using and understanding how it works, we need to teach the children how to be digitally literate.

Computing helps to develop problem solving skills and opens children eyes to how technology works. It is a wonderful feeling to watch a child’s face light up when they have solved a problem, be it fixing a bug in their code, managing to get a robot to follow a line around the floor or see their artwork come to life on the screen.

The computer curriculum at St. Augustine’s has been created to engage, educate and excite children about technology.  It’s a chance for them to see a computer or chrome book as not only something to help them carry out tasks, like making a spread sheet and coding a program but as another way of expressing themselves in a new digital age.