St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School


“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future”
-Theodore Roosevelt

Studying History at St. Augustine’s School is fun and also helps us to understand how the past has shaped global, national and local relationships between societies and people and how that constantly evolves. We aim to empower the children to make thoughtful judgements and observations which allows them to make good and moral choices in life.

History helps us to understand about our nationality and our origins. We can learn about what has happened in the past that impacts on how we live today.

History increases our understanding about many places and cities around the world.  We learn about how democracy shapes our country and our identity and compare that of other countries with different forms of government.

Through studying History we are able to understand the pillars upon which different civilizations were built, including cultures and people different from our own.  It encourages a better understanding of difference and how people relate to each other in an inclusive society.

History teaches us to be good citizens.  By hearing about bad actions and poor decisions that have taken place in the past we can learn from those mistakes and try to be good citizens and influencers going forward.

History helps us to anticipate the future.  We can learn about what has gone before and how to try to avert past historical events being repeated being aware of what steps took place that led to conflict.