St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Strike Action (Please Click Here/See Latest News )

I am writing to inform you of the industrial action being taken by NEU staff members at St. Augustine’s this Thursday 2nd March. I fully support all those who choose to take this action. There is anger about the financial crisis schools find themselves in at present and the impact this has on our precious children.

On Thursday 2nd March our School will operate as follows:

Nursery : Closed all day

Reception : Closed all day

Year 1 : Closed all day

Year 2 : Closed all day

Year 3 : Children must come in for an 11am start and will finish, as usual, at 3:15pm

Year 4 : Open all day

Year 5 : Open all day

Year 6 : Open all day

Where classes are open children are expected to be in School as usual. I thank you in advance for your understanding and support of the action taken by our teachers

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